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Finished Build and Test Trip

From the previous post, we had the flooring, walls, bed, and fantastic fan put into the van. A clean pallet for building our design. If I still had Bailey’s original “inside van sketch” I would certainly post a picture of it but when we were done, it came out really close to what we were shooting for. So…. after the bed was built we moved onto the countertop, cabinet, and storage area. It was perfect for the far side of the van because there are no windows on that side of the van. It made sense. Basically, we built a storage cabinet from the floor to the ceiling directly behind the drivers seat. The lower area of that cabinet would house all of the solar system items (batteries, inverter, fuse box, etc.) and the upper shelves would be mostly food storage and whatnot. Water jugs will be housed underneath the countertop area. We built the storage cabinet and the under-counter storage to fit some cool shutters that we scored from a local friend here in town. Shoutout to Mike O’Neill! They are old antique mini shutters. The shutters are perfect for the job because they hide all of our crap while also making it easily accessible. We painted them a cream white color to match the ceiling. Bailey did a stellar job at putting some fabric that we got from Jo Ann’s on the ceiling. The trick? A whole bunch of 3M 90 spray adhesive. That shit really holds stuff good! I’ve blabbed on a lot here, but we are somewhat close to being done with the build. I’m sure I have forgotten some things. There are plenty of small things still to do and I’m sure we’ll find another hundred things to do once we hit the road, but in the mean time… we are pretty proud of our progress!

First picture above is on/off switch to turn the solar panels off to stop charging the batteries when we aren’t using them. You can also see the charge controller and fuse block. A separate write-up on the solar system is coming whenever I quit being lazy. So you’re not chomping at the bit, it’s 2 – 100 watt panels on the roof running to 2 AGM sealed Vmax batteries wired in parallel for double the storage. This is plenty of power for what we will be running (LED lights, fantastic fan, charging phones, etc).  The middle picture is the counter and cabinet just after we put the shutters on. You can see how great of a job we did. Hey, they hold stuff in!

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Rig Updates

Installing a Fantastic Fan in our Van

After we had the flooring and walls up, it was high time we installed our new Fantastic Fan. They have many different models but after researching we decided to go with the medium model that has 3 different speed settings and the manual vent open and close. The more expensive ones that come with automatic rain sensors, reverse, 10 speeds, etc. just seemed like a little much for our application. Here is how we installed our fantastic fan vent into our 1985 Ford 4×4 van. A classic write up with lots of pictures is always good and relatively easy to follow along.

For this application, there was already a standard 14′ x 14′ hole cut that was housing an old manual vent that the previous owner installed in the van. From my research that is the scariest and/or toughest part, basically because you are cutting a hole in the roof of your rig. If you are installing the fan in an RV, there is a good chance that you already have the hole cut and are just replacing your old vent for the new Fantastic fan. This write-up is perfect for you.

To start, I needed to get onto the roof and start scraping away at the old sealant from the current vent. With a paint scraper, screwdriver (for scraping), and my drill with the proper bit, I was able to easily remove the old screws fairly easily. After the screws were out I was able to remove the old vent without much problem with a bit of Bailey’s help down below.

hole in van roof
The hole in the roof after the old vent was removed

In the photo above you can see what the hole looks like with no vent in it. Getting the vent out was pretty painless. Now the real work starts…. I’d say I spent a good hour scrubbing and scraping at all of the old sealant and caulk on the roof. Honestly this was the hardest part of the whole installation, LOL. In addition to the paint scraper and my screw driver, a bottle of mineral spirits and a rag is great in this situation. The mineral spirits really helped to bring all that old crap up without jacking up the paint. Goo gone also works just the same.

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Rig Updates

4×4 Ford Van Flooring, Walls, and Bed

Well this is typical, it’s been almost 1 month since I last posted an update on the van. I’m gonna label the title May anyways. When you really get wrapped up in building you get kinda lazy at night and skip posting extensive updates. We have been posting little snaps here and there on our Instagram – be sure to follow us there @avantostandby. We spent the better part of the month of May building out the interior of the van and preparing it for our trip. Since our last update, we did get the radiator issue fixed. A new beefier radiator was installed along with a separate transmission cooler to eliminate the possibility of the two fluids mixing together should the radiator fail for whatever reason. That being said – the transmission and motor were also both completely flushed to ensure there was no extra tranny fluid floating around – that would not be good. So  a big check – mechanical work is DONE! The van is running great all around. Now it’s time to make it livable…

Bailey the morning of insulating and installing the flooring.

Here is how we put floors into our 1985 Ford 4×4 van. So we kind of tackled everything in sections. We started with the floors since it seemed the easiest (and because we were given some free laminate flooring, thanks Mike). We put reflectix down first with 3M adhesive spray. We used that stuff for a lot of things on this project. After the reflectix, a layer of particle board subflooring was screwed down with self driving metal screws.  Finally, we installed the tongue and groove subflooring, piece by piece. A bit of liquid nail and some different heavy objects were put down on top of the flooring to ensure it was set in nice and tight. The floors came out really well. Click the below images to enlarge.


Next we headed to a friends house who was going to help us with the walls. We were able to get the walls and bed put in that day, a huge success. Harlan is somewhat of a professional woodworker with a lot of knowledge, and a killer set of tools. Awesome barn too! We spent Memorial Day building Continue reading “4×4 Ford Van Flooring, Walls, and Bed”

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“The Van” Strikes Again


Well, well…. where to even start. I’m a week late and then some on updating the status of the van. This could be a lengthy one. Let’s dig in. So we were finally able to pick the van up from our mechanic in the last week of April. We won’t talk dollar amounts so I can keep my sanity, but know it was quite a bit. We had a lot of items serviced on it. The following is a rundown of all the work that was done so you all know what was done as well as a record for us. Full tune up, replaced spark plugs, cap and rotor, air filter, all belts and hoses. Tightened loose steering. Installed new Interstate battery. Reset ignition timing for smoother drivability. Rear Dana 50 axle serviced and filled with fresh gear oil. Filled transfer case and transmission oil. Fresh oil change with oil and new oil filter. New thermostat and seal. New transmission filter. New duralast gold starter. New temperature sending unit so the temperature gauge on the dash now works. A lot of “new”, right? Once we got the temp gauge on the dash working we noticed that it was running slightly hot, so we also put in a new Spectra premium radiator. Let’s take a break from words for a photo.

4x4 van in mechanic's parking lot
Here’s the 4×4 van in the mechanic’s parking lot

So now you know everything that was taken care of on the van. Directly after we picked it up, we headed down the road to Tires Plus for a brand spankin’ new pair of 315/75r16’s. While we were there, we also had new pads and rotors put on the front. So new brakes too! Add another thing to the “new” list… and add another dollar sign.

New 35 inch tires on the 4x4 van
New shoes on the whip

OK – current day: It’s now May 8th. Big shout out to Bailey’s folks for letting us park the van in the street in front of their house and doing all sorts of crap to it and also for letting us sleep in their house until we get this build wrapped up. We are optimistic that the entire thing will be done, road ready, and living ready by the end of May. Cross your fingers for us.

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Whats New With The Van?

WooHooooo! We pick up the van from the shop on Thursday. Here is the part where I list everything I can think of that we’ve done to the van or our mechanic has done to the van since we purchased it up earlier this year. To start – “The Van” is a 1985 Ford E350 Econoline Van with a 4×4 conversion. 460 7.5l carbureted engine with only 132,000 miles. A gas hog that is just getting warmed up!

Here it is after a few feet of snow in February!

We believe it was some kind of Charter Communications van from back in the day that they would use to drive up in the hills on the California coast to checks lines and whatnot. Pretty rad but who knows for sure really. Below is a bullet point list of things that have been fixed, upgraded, or serviced. I’m sure I won’t be able to remember everything.

  • Oil Change, Oil Filter
  • Air Filter, Fuel Filter
  • All belts have been replaced
  • Temperature Sending Unit replaced
  • New Radiator to help keep things cool
  • New Starter to ensure no problems while traveling
  • Rear differential serviced with new gear oil and gasket
  • New spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor
  • Carburetor has been adjusted and tuned for elevation driving

Like I said, I’m pretty sure there was a lot more done than this. When we pick it up Thursday if I have some free time I’ll come back and edit this to include everything that was billed to us – which was a lot! LOL.

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Life Updates

Security Working Hard (as always)

This is our very first post. Maybe you can tell by the sarcastic post title and silly photo of our favorite security guard. We will write whatever cool stuff we want here so check back often to keep up with us, or don’t, the choice is yours. My principal in 5th grade always said that over the intercom in the morning after he was done with the announcements. When I said ‘we’ and ‘our’ – that is myself (Justin) and Bailey. Anyways, I’m gonna rambling. We may stay in Kirkwood a bit longer after closing to continue working on the Van and prepping for our upcoming summer 2017 road trip. It’s gonna be the maiden voyage for Ol’ Bertha! Actually we haven’t named it yet, I just kinda typed that in… hmmm… maybe it will stick? It is a big as van… Let’s try this layout and and see if I like it. Next up – a photo of the van!

PS. “The Van” is currently is the shop getting lots of tune up items done. SWEEEEEET!

Edit – I found out how to work the photo feature. This is getting fun. Oh yeah – Bailey got a badass new camera so there shouldn’t be a shortage of cool photos here.

More shenanigans to come…