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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2017 Recap

Time Frame: August 2 – 6, 2017

We headed out of the beautiful colorful Colorado and through Wyoming before we made it to the Western part of South Dakota where we met up with our good friend Tali. There were big plans of drinking beer, doing karaoke, and visiting the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, SD. Oh yeah, and we were going to take a nice hot shower at Tali’s house. Before we get into the whole story, it should be noted that we van camped in a few awesome places before arriving in Rapid City, South Datoka that will be discussed in the 2nd half of the post. So what did we do first once we got there? Head to the local watering hole of course! This place was called “Clock Tower Lounge” and it was pretty badass. We made some new friends and Bailey killed it as usual on the karaoke. She did an always enjoyable Honky Cat by Elton John. Classic!

Bailey in Stugis
Bailey on one of the main drags in Sturgis on Sunday evening.

It was safe to say that we all had enough drinks on Friday at the clock tower that on Saturday we basically sat around all day and watched movies, history channel, and the like. It was a great day of relaxation. We capped off the day with a delicious order of pizza and wings from local papa johns.

Sunday afternoon we headed out of Tali’s place in Rapid City and drove the 45 minutes up to Sturgis. We saw so many motorcycles on the highway and people camping at all the RV parks with all their gear. We toured much of the town of Sturgis before heading over to Continue reading “Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2017 Recap”

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Radium Hot Springs and Downhill Mountain Biking in Colorado

Time Frame: Late July, 2017

From our last stop in Utah, we hopped on I-70 once again and headed east to enter Colorado. We were heading to Vail, CO to visit my cousin, Jack, and his fiance, Callie. There were big plans of spending the weekend at one of their favorite hot springs on the Colorado river. Bailey and I also had some plans for downhill mountain biking since we were in Vail. Why not, right? Plus… we had our employee passes so we got a fat discount!

After a nice Friday night of beer drinking, we loaded up some of Jack’s friends and all the camping gear and headed out towards the springs. These springs are cool because they are right along the edge of the Colorado River. You have to hike down a steep cliff side to get to the springs. You can also take the fun way down – jump from about 40ft into the river below, then swim to the riverside and crawl into the spring from there.

Even though it’s so secluded, it was a fairly popular spot while we were there. Maybe it was just the weekend but it seems like a place the locals definitely know about. The water is probably around 85° coming from the source, so definitely not the hottest springs we’ve ever been in. Perfectly enjoyable non the less.

Radium Hot Springs
Hiking down the steep cliff side to the riverside spring. You can barely see the pool behind the shrubs in this picture.
Colorado River
This is the jumping point. You can see the “Warning” sign posted by the BLM. You can also see the slackline setup some hippies had put together for that weekend. Lastly, a group of rafters heads off after enjoying the spring.
Radium Campsite
Here is the only picture of camp we got that weekend. It was up on the hill about 1 mile from the river and hot spring. A short hike there and back.

I will admit that we biffed it on taking pictures that weekend. You can still see the immense beauty in the few pictures we did take. We were able to find the campsite pictured above basically just using google maps to hunt around the area and view spots of land. Continue reading “Radium Hot Springs and Downhill Mountain Biking in Colorado”

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Scootin’ Utah: Touring the National Parks of Utah

It was on Hwy 21 headed southeast out of Great Basin that we finally crossed the Utah state line. Great, we were going from one desert to another. But this desert happened to have 5 national parks! Thats right, good ol’ Utah, USA. Instead of doing a seperate post for each national park (because you know we had to go to all of them) I’ll just make this a longer post with different sections and loads of pictures, of course. Before I continue I should say that at this point the van has been running good ever since the first little overheating bout. I just put oil and tranny fluid in it every couple weeks and it keeps moving down the road. Oh yeah, and gas, we put a lot of gas into it! It’s a blast to drive though. Anyways let’s get started with park numero uno….

Scootin Utah; Pt. 1: Zion National Park

I gotta say right off the bat, this park feels a little like Disneyland to start. People are everywhere. It’s funky because to access most of the hikes and other cool things, you have to ride a park shuttle that take you to and from different stops along the main park road. I’m sure they’ve done this because it would be a madhouse with park if they let everyone drive their vehicle up the road. The bus ride did have some informative looping speach playing which was relatively interesting to listen to while we road the bus to our stop.

We really enjoyed our time in the park once we got onto the trails. We did the Angels Landing trail which was awesome. Paved path all the way up which was certainly easier than what we are used too. The last half mile though is across, up, and down all sorts of skinny rock edges and whatnot. There are even chains in some spots where you need them to hold onto to pull yourself up. Awesome hike that is highly recommended. Unfortunately we did not hike The Narrows, a very popular canyon hike straight through a river, because of potential flash floods. The entire canyon of Zion is very cool but plan for lots of people. Show up early to the visitor center for a parking spot and to get on the shuttle bus without a wait. We biffed it and waited more than 30 minutes to get on the bus, DOH!

A good view of some of the switchbacks on the hike out to Angels Landing.
Bailey cooking dinner
Bailey cooking us a mesa-top dinner with epic views to boot!
Me in Zion
Me, somewhere in Zion.
Angels Landing Hike
The last half mile of Angels Landing Hike is a pretty tight walkway.

For camping we were able to find 2 great spots outside of the park. The first spot we stayed was a mesa hilltop off Dalton Wash Rd. about 3 miles in. Great views of the surrounding scenery and a nice spot up a dirt road where RV’s with their generators can’t get. Pretty quite spot. I even got to ride my mountain bike all the way down that hill on the way out! The second site we stayed at was on another dirt road that lead to a mesa top that has some cell towers and other service buildings on it. Only a few sites were off the road but Continue reading “Scootin’ Utah: Touring the National Parks of Utah”

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Exploring Great Basin National Park

We took the loneliest highway in America all the way to Sacramento Pass BLM area. Sweet free campground to pull into right around sunset and only a few miles away from Great Basin NP. We setup camp, Bailey made her always delicious chili, I made a little fire for heat, and we enjoyed ourselves for awhile before heading to bed. In the morning we made the regular bacon, eggs, and coffee from the Coleman 2 burner stove. We loaded up our belongings like we always do before heading down the road towards the park. We didn’t see even one other camper there the whole time, and there were plenty of sites.

BLM campground
Sacramento Pass BLM campground only a few miles from the park entrance. Score!

We arrived at the park, went to the visitor center for the park movie, and decided where we were going to camp for the night. We stayed in Baker Creek campground inside the park for a small fee so we could remain close to the visitor center where we went to the astronomy program that evening. Before we went to the astronomy program we did a nice 6 mile loop through pole canyon that was relatively close to our camp. The astronomy program was fun and informative, unfortunately we were unable to look at the stars through the telescopes they had setup for us because of the bad cloud cover.

The next day we drove up the 10 mile scenic drive to the base of 13,000ft Wheeler Peak where we setup camp in Wheeler Peak campground for a small fee. The next day we would hike to the top of Wheeler Peak, a 3000ft vertical gain around 9 miles round trip. Not exactly your regular walk in the park. Punny huh? We woke up early the next morning to make breakfast and Continue reading “Exploring Great Basin National Park”

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Spencer Hot Springs in Nevada

So there we were, driving the old 1985 van in the heat of the desert, when I looked down and noticed the temperature gauge reading hot. I continued to drive for another few miles before I pulled over and let ‘er rest in the only bit of shade I could find amongst some old decrepit buildings that were covered in graffiti at a weird intersection out in the middle of nowhere.  The artwork wasn’t bad though…

Roadside Graffiti
One of the multiple murals painted on these old buildings

It was right about this time when I began to question myself on this whole idea. Why had we bought a 30 year old vehicle? What made us think that driving around the country in a vehicle older than me was a good idea? We were barely into the trip before we were getting hot on the highway. I had checked fluids and everything. I didn’t know what to do. I was really starting to get worried.

After a little while of exploring the abandoned buildings and letting the van cool down, we hopped back in and continued on our way. We made it to Tonopah, NV where we pulled into the gas station to reload on fuel. This is where I noticed coolant bubbling out of the overflow Continue reading “Spencer Hot Springs in Nevada”

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A Mammoth Good Time for the 4th of July

On the 3rd of July we headed over Monitor Pass from Tahoe to Highway 395 south towards Mammoth Mountain. After record breaking snowfall this past ski season Mammoth is still open and operating daily. With a chance to cross skiing on the 4th of July off our bucket list, we were extremely excited for the upcoming shred session.

We pulled up to one of our favorite campsites at crab cooker hot spring off of benton crossing road that night around 11:00PM. Its a free campsite on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land and we have camped there multiple times before, the first time being on our first road trip across the country 2 years ago. We decided that night to get to sleep so we could get on the mountain early the next day. We got up the next morning made bacon, eggs, and coffee then donned our America flag bathing suits we’d be skiing in that day, then headed towards the mountain.

Heading to Mammoth in The Van

By the time we got to the mountain we realized that we were not the only folks that were crossing skiing on the 4th of July off of their to-do list, and we were in for a party of a day. The parking lots were full and the ticket line at Stump Alley was off the charts long. We ended up pulling the van into Lot C and threw our boots on, smeared sunscreen on our bare spots hurriedly and caught the next bus to the main lodge.

Continue reading “A Mammoth Good Time for the 4th of July”

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Wentworth Springs and Pushing the Van to it’s Limits.

On June 30th, after a night out at the bar with my Mom, we set out on our grand adventure, first stop The Rubicon trail outside of Placerville to visit our friends property at Wentworth Springs for some good old fashion Independence day celebrating.  The thing about the property is it is about three or four miles in on the one of the gnarliest trails I’ve been on in any vehicle, let alone our 1985 van. Being the go-getters that we are we thought we would get the tough stuff out of the way before setting out on a 3,000 mile trip. We met my Dad and Uncle Mike at Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and went to meet up with the rest of the crew at another property called Camp Ten up the road. They were towing in an excavator to do some work on the property and had to pick it up over there.

After we met up with the owners of the property who are good friends of our family, we all made our way to the Rubicon via Wentworth Springs road.

Van at Entrance to Rubicon Trail
The Van at the entrance to the Rubicon Trail.
The trail start with about 100 yards of water crossing; luckily the van is pretty tall and the water was not that deep.
My Uncle Mike’s Jeep mid water crossing.


When we first got to the trail we attempted to get the van in 4 wheel drive but could not successfully get the hubs to lock. We decided to push on in 2 wheel and see what would happen quoting our favorite saying “we’ll figure it out.” This usually goes one of two ways, works out or it doesn’t. Fortunately, we made it 90% of the way in with no trouble. Unfortunately, The last 10% of the trail into Wentworth is the hardest part; you end up running into a hill the were the road is mainly made up of river rock and large boulders. Furthermore after a large winter and plenty of water run off this part of the trail had been made even worse this season.

Continue reading “Wentworth Springs and Pushing the Van to it’s Limits.”