Free Camping Along Highway 1 in California

Hundreds of thousands of people vacation to California every year. Nearly half of them drive down Highway 1 in search of beautiful coastlines, stringent hiking, and camping of course!Β  Today I am going to tell you about a quick, free camp site just along Hwy 1. The spot I am referring too is about 10 miles north of Santa Cruz on Highway 1. There are multiple pullouts along the highway in this area, though many of them have signs stating “No Parking – 10pm to 6am” or “No overnight camping”. You must be strategic in your selection of pullouts if you want to get the million dollar view for free.Β  Continue reading

Our Review of the Dometic 23 Liter Portable Fridge/Freezer

Howdy gang! We hope everyone have been enjoying their summer. Today we are going to bring you a review of one of the products we have been using the past 2 years while on the road in our van. This will be a new section on our site aptly named “Stuff we use”.

We are going to be talking about the portable Dometic 23 Liter Fridge/Freezer combo. While this unit is a tad pricey, it sure beats out continually buying ice for that Yeti cooler you’ve been using. All you need is a 12v hookup (cigarette lighter port). Most vehicles have these standard, while others will chose to incorporate them into their solar system. Because of the 12v hookup, this fridge is practical for truckers, travelers, and van lifers alike.

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Wentworth Springs on the Rubicon for Labor Day

Howdy gang, it’s been a week or so since our last post. Ok, maybe it’s been 2 weeks. But hey, I’m getting back in the groove. We headed out to one of our favorite places for a Labor Day weekend celebration; Wentworth Springs. WWS is located on the famous Rubicon Trail where jeepers and other off-roaders alike test the ability of their 4×4 rigs in a beautiful high Sierra environment.

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Downieville is Mountain Biking Heaven

I’ve gotta be honest. We have done more mountain biking this summer than I ever have in my life. The majority of that mountain biking was downhill riding. We’ve been riding Northstar Resort here in Tahoe pretty regularly, about twice a week on average. To go with that, we have found a great free campsite just up the road from Northstar so we’re only a few minutes away each day. All that training and practicing at Northstar was going to come into play when Bailey’s mom told us that she had a family mountain biking getaway planned!

I had heard of the famed Downieville before, so I was anxious to get there and do some hauling ass. For those of you that didn’t catch Continue reading

Free Camping Just Outside Grand Teton National Park

For many folks traveling to Wyoming during the summer months to visit the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks, finding lodging and camping that isn’t already occupied can be an issue. Here I will cover a great free area of forest service land that is camped on all the time by tent campers, RV’s, vaners, and the like. This land is immediately adjacent to the park directly across the main road (US 89). This is completely free camping just outside Grand Teton National Park. The road you are looking Continue reading