4 Wheeling to Carson River Hot Springs

This post is inspired by a trip me and my old pal Daniel Deemer have planned for tomorrow that includes (but won’t be limited too) 4 wheeling and hot spring’in. We like going down to the Carson River Hot Springs because it’s a real hoot on the way in. Great 4×4 roads all the way in. Some with great water crossing features, some large rocks and boulders, extreme angles, and epic scenery. I’ve been taking my jeep out there since I came to California over 5 years ago. It seems like every time to we to the hot springs, we take a different route in or out. There are a handful of ways to get down into the canyon where the hot springs are located next to the Carson River.

Carson River Hot Springs Photos

All of the photos below were taken by the epic photographer Daniel Deemer himself. Give him a follow on instagram and like his stuff! Click any of the photos to see them up close.

Dan is a basic badass when it comes to taking photos! Now that I’ve got these photos up, I’m reminded that we filmed a bunch of GoPro video last October when we headed out there for a weekend camping trip. I may have even made a video edit… standby…

Carson River Hot Springs Video

AhhhHa! I did make a video edit. I uploaded it to my crappy YouTube channel so I can embed it in this post so you can see how great of a video editor I am. Just kidding, but really watch this video, it shows a bunch of really cool river crossings and 4 wheeling with the more of the views seen in the photos above.

That’s it for today. Maybe on tomorrow’s trip we’ll take some more pics and vids. It’s snowing today at Kirkwood so hopefully it’s real wet and muddy when we get down there tomorrow. Wet and Muddy, just like we like it! Party on people!

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