Steelhead Falls; Deschutes River in Oregon

Who likes to go hiking? Who likes to go swimming at the end of that hike? Me, me, and me! This past summer we were treated to a trip out to Steelhead Falls, just outside of Bend, Oregon. This place is an absolute must visit if you are visiting in Oregon. We went out there with a couple of friends and a great time ensued.

steelhead falls

Our gang hanging out near Steelhead Falls

Getting into Steelhead Falls

Steelhead Falls is located in Terrebone, OR on the Deschutes river. It’s about 45 minutes or so from Bend. Here are the directions to Steelhead Falls on google maps. The drive out there seemed quick. Maybe it was the scenery? We met our friend Rob there. It was a pretty smokey day with all the wildfires at the time. Hopefully when you visit, it’ll be a little clearer.

The hike into Steelhead Falls is not far at all, about .5 mile. A quick juant for anyone halfway fit. You’ll want to bring some snacks or something of that nature. Proabably a nice water bottle too. Maybe a top quality cooler with ice cold, water? Or beer, we like beer. Once you get to the actual falls, you are rewarded with great views of the towering mountains on both sides of the river as well as the beautiful waterfall. A beautiful waterfall that you can jump into. That’s my kind of fun!

steelhead falls

Me jumping into the Deschutes river. You can see the actual falls in the background. Oh yeah, and our good friend Taylor!

Rob and myself, as well as Bailey and Taylor, jumped off the rock cliffs into the river below multiple times because it was so much fun. Depending on where you jump from, it’s about 15-25 feet to river. Rob and I even swam across the river and climbed up the other side. From there we walked upstream to the waterfall. We found a nice rock to jump off and counted down. It was really a blast! There are no photos of this, but if you look at the picture above- we jumped from somewhere right around where Taylor’s head is.

Fun on the Deschutes River

There were quite a few other people there on this day. It seems to be a pretty popular spot with the locals and other travelers here. I would imagine that it would be, it’s a pretty beautiful place. We were there during a weekday. The weekends there are probably even more folks around. Below are a few more photos before we wrap up.

In conclusion, if you are traveling through Oregon and near this area, you must visit Steelhead Falls. It’s totally free, no parking fee or anything. Just a good ol’ time with Mother Nature out in the wilderness. Oh yeah, bring some friends for an extra good time. You may also want to bring a water filtration device of some sort, should you need to refill your drinking water while you are there.

Have you been to Steelhead Falls on the Deschutes River before? How was your experience? Did you backflip off the rocks into the river? Tell us about your experience!

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