Free Camping near Grand Teton & Yellowstone

Today we’re going to talk about free camping. The free campsite I am bringing everyone today is located in Buffalo, WY. This is on a very popular route for many folks when traveling to visit either Yellowstone National Park or Grand Teton National Park. If you are headed that way, you should also check out our free campsite guide near Grand Teton National Park. It is just off the highway, Hwy 16, about 15 miles south of Buffalo. Crazy Woman Canyon is the name of this place. Most of the campsites are separated by trees, so there is plenty of seclusion. As you head down the canyon, you will see campsites on both sides of the road. Many sites on the left side of the road and backed by creeks and streams.

Free Camping near Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park in Buffalo, WY

Many people will end up camping in Crazy Woman Canyon while road tripping toward the national parks out in Wyoming. Here are the coordinates: 44.171216, -106.893326. You can also click here to get directions to this free campsite in Wyoming.

free camping in crazy woman canyon

You’ll notice on your drive out that there are many turn off’s on Hwy 16. We took quite a few of them because there were so many, but we found this road to be our particular favorite. I’m not sure if it was the whole being in a canyon/valley vibe, or maybe it was the sounds of the creek behind our spot that really made it special. Just another reason that we love free camping…

Driving into “Crazy Woman Canyon”

The elevation here is just over 7,000 ft. We had a blast driving our old van down the winding road. Crazy Woman Canyon is an excellent place to boondock for multiple days as a time. There are few people around to bother you and there are plenty of trees to keep you shaded. Plus, they also provide loads of space to put up some of your favorite camping hammocks! Our Eno Doublenest hammock was a perfect fit here with plenty of room for both of us. There wasn’t too much downed wood to grab for fires when we were there, but I was able to find enough after venturing off into the woods for a bit.

Cell phone reception in the spot is really a no go. Maybe if you had a cell phone booster you may be able to get something. We have both AT&T and Verizon, neither of which had any service down in this canyon. This place is a must visit if you are planning a road trip to Wyoming going through this area. It is very quite, secluded, and serene, therefore we definitely suggest checking this place out. Just how we like our free campsites to be!

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