Free Campsites Along Highway 1 in California

Hundreds of thousands of people vacation to California every year. That’s why today we are going to talk about free campsites in California. Nearly half of them drive down Highway 1 in search of beautiful coastlines, stringent hiking, and camping of course!  Today I am going to tell you about a quick, free camp site just along Hwy 1. The spot I am referring too is about 10 miles north of Santa Cruz on Highway 1. There are multiple pullouts along the highway in this area, though many of them have signs stating “No Parking – 10pm to 6am” or “No overnight camping”. You must be strategic in your selection of pullouts if you want to get the million dollar view for free. 

Free Campsites on Highway 1 in California

The easiest way to get to this exact location is to put the coordinates into your GPS on your smart phone. Something like Google Maps or Waze will work just fine. Here are the coords: 37.103318, -122.286396. You can also click here to get directions to this free campsite on Highway 1 in California.

free campsites highway 1

Free campsites on Highway 1 in California

There really isn’t much to this site, compared to other free campsites. It’s basically a turn out on the side of the road. But the views are just spectacular here… Talk about waking up to a million dollar view for free. You will have to deal with some cars cruising down the highway at night relatively close to your vehicle. But hey, for the price, (FREE) it can’t be beat! We camped here for 2 nights while on our test trip in the van a couple years back.

We didn’t bother pulling out our Coleman camp table or anything at this spot, we just setup our Coleman 2 burner stove inside the van and cooked in there. Since we were basically parked on the side of state highway, we tried to be low key. True free camping with million dollar views!

Cell phone reception is decent in this spot. Enough coverage on Verizon and AT&T to send some text messages or make some calls. I wouldn’t count on browsing this web while camping here. If you really needed to scroll online, I recommend getting this cell phone booster. It will do you wonders in areas where your cell signal is only marginal. But really, who needs to browse the web with a view like that?

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