Dometic Fridge Review – 23 Liter

Howdy gang! We hope everyone have been enjoying their summer. Today we are bringing you a Dometic fridge review. We have been using this Dometic fridge the past 2 years while on the road in our van. This will be a new section on our site aptly named “Stuff we use”.

We are going to be talking about the portable Dometic 23 Liter Fridge/Freezer combo. While this unit is a tad pricey, it sure beats out continually buying ice for that Yeti cooler you’ve been using. All you need is a 12v hookup (cigarette lighter port). Most vehicles have these standard, while others will chose to incorporate them into their solar system. Because of the 12v hookup, this fridge is practical for truckers, travelers, and van lifers alike.

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Dometic Fridge Review – small and portable

We chose to go with the 23 liter because it was the perfect fit for our van. Big enough to hold food for a week, but small enough to not get in our way while on the road. This fridge requires very little energy because of it’s sophisticated compressor. We have used it for more than 5 months at a time without any issue. It takes a bit of dialing in the temperature based on the amount of food you have in there to get it just right. This dometic fridge was excellent when visiting national parks in Utah on last summers road trip.

Dometic Fridge in your RV

Storing all of your meats on the bottom keeps them right around the freezing temperature, making sure everything stays fresh. From there we would usually stack our eggs on top of the meat (you can fit a whole 18 pack of eggs in this!) and then pile on the fruits and veggies. There is also a little storage spot to hold a couple of jars like ketchup and mayonnaise. This fridge/freezer comes with a small wire insert that way removed and used as an extra veggie storage spot on our counter. See photo below.

dometic fridge review

The Dometic CF-025DC Portable Fridge/Freezer inside our van.

We recommend this product for anyone who will be doing extended road trips, truck drivers who will be on the road often, and anyone else who has access to power and needs to keep small amounts of food cold. Maybe you have an off grid solar powered cabin and you need somewhere to keep your beer cold? BOOM! Reading this dometic fridge review helps us out. Note, buying products on Amazon through our affiliate links helps support this website. Thanks for your support.

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