Rubicon Trail at Wentworth Springs for Labor Day

Howdy gang, we went to Wentworth Springs on the Rubicon Trail for Labor Day. I know it’s been a week or so since our last post. Ok, maybe it’s been 2 weeks. But hey, I’m getting back in the groove. We headed out to one of our favorite places for a Labor Day weekend celebration; Wentworth Springs. WWS is located on the famous Rubicon Trail where jeepers and other off-roaders alike test the ability of their 4×4 rigs in a beautiful high Sierra environment. If you’ve been reading our stuff for awhile, you’ll remember when we took our 4×4 econoline on the Rubicon and it was quite the outing.

wentworth springs

Backing down the truck to unload the hog for cooking!

Jeeping on the Rubicon Trail

For the first time, we took my jeep and the tent camping supplies with us instead of the van. We’ve got the van parked back at Kirkwood for now in anticipation of winter. We were excited to wheel the jeep around a bit and see what it could do. Rather than that, we hung out around camp and participated in some of the other activities. Tree cutting, tie-dying, pig roasting, creek swimming, bike riding, so many activities!

tie dying

Tie-Dying shirts, socks, and underwear down by the river!

hog prep

Prepping the hog for a long slow cook over the coals.

rubicon trail

Up the trail just a little ways from camp. Beautiful, huh?

As I’m sure you can already tell from the photos, this place is magical. You come up here and just get to relax, take things at your own pace, and do whatever makes you happy really. There is no schedule, no agenda. Just great friends and good times. I must note that this place, while on the Rubicon Trail, is a special piece of private property owned by family friends of ours, and not anyone can just roll up and stay there. We’re so thankful they let us come up and hang with the gang. However, there is ample opportunity for the same type of camping throughout this general area of the Sierras.

To round it out, we had an absolute blast as we always do and are already looking forward to next years trip (unless we make a Thanksgiving run!) with the jeep. This trip has certainly inspired me to do a little more work and modification to my jeep.

jeep cherokee

My jeep fully packed down and ready to head home!

hogs head

Bailey getting up close and personal with the hog’s head.

hogs sunglasses

Obligatory sunglasses on the hog’s head photo. It was delicious!

party people

Dinner shot down at camp on Saturday. What a feast! What a crowd, too!

We had to head out on Sunday afternoon back towards Kirkwood since Bailey started back work this week. Also, more great news – we are back in our apartment here! It’s gonna be so nice taking regular showers, using the toilet, and generally being able to stand up in the place you call home. No offense van, we love ya!

Thanks for sharing in our space and reading about our adventures. What did YOU do for labor day weekend? Leave us a comment below! See ya on the next post…

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