New Summer, New Adventure

Well well… It’s been quite some time since we’ve posted any sort of update on this website, huh? It’s finally a new summer. I gotta be honest with everyone. Sometime around midway through the road trip last summer I gave up with updating this blog and just continued living life. We have so many awesome photos from places that we went after South Dakota. Let me breakdown the full trip; California > Nevada > Utah > Colorado > Wyoming > South Dakota > Wyoming > Montana > Idaho > Washington > Oregon > California. Basically I didn’t blog on the second half of the trip. I’ll eventually get around to putting pictures up and writing about some of the cool things we did in Washington and Oregon before getting back to California. As least were not in this boat and still building the van out… In the mean time, lets do a trip breakdown.

Summer Trip Breakdown

Totals- States: 10, National Parks: 13, Miles Driven: 6000ish, Gas Money: $2495. HOLY GUACAMOLE SHIT FART BATMAN! THAT’S A LOT OF MONEY SPENT ON GAS.

That’s what happens when you drive a vehicle that’s older than you basically across the country and back. Except we didn’t drive it across the country, rather a kind of big loop around the pacific northwest area. All that being said, the van ran like a top the entire time. We only flooded the old carbureted engine once or twice before we figured out how to pop the choke on it and get ‘er fired up.

Since then we’ve been through an entire winter season (17/18) at Kirkwood and it’s now the beginning of summertime 2018. Time for more adventures and a new summer. At the time of this post we have already done a big trip down Hwy 395 and back up. We’re all over the Sierra’s. Mammoth ski resort for some late season riding, camping at hot springs with friends from Tahoe, and visiting Sequoia Nat’l Park to see the largest tree in the world! That’s the beauty of having a van like this… you just drive it to wherever you want to wake up the next day and BOOM. Pictures of above mentioned trip down and around 395 also to be posted in a separate blog post later on down the road. Get it… down the road? OK maybe I’m not as funny as I think.

New Summer

Soooooooooo… aside from sharing all of our awesome van adventures with you (so you can know where to go on awesome adventures too), I would also like to do some write ups and how to’s to talk about some of the in’s and out’s of van living and setting up the rig. I plan to do write ups on our solar system, vehicle maintenance, and product recommendations during our new summer. Since we’ve been doing the “van life” for going on 2 summers now, we’ve figured out a lot of the quirks. You know… things that work, things that don’t work. I also plan to write about how we find all of the free camping and boondocking spots that we camp at.

I think I have written enough for this post. It’s time to get back to our new summer. Now you know where we’ve been and where  we’re going. Oh wait… I didn’t tell you we are going back to Wentworth Springs on the famous Rubicon Trail this weekend for the yearly trip! Looking forward this blog should be great not only for folks that know and care about myself and Bailey’s life with the van, but also other folks that just enjoy traveling and the van lifestyle. You may even be able to learn a thing of two…

Until next time. JH Out!

PS. New layout to go with the new year. What do you all think?

3 thoughts on “New Summer, New Adventure

  1. I’m living vicariously through y’alls exploits in the van and lovin’ it! You’re resparking my desire to hit the open highwayband just disappear for a Summer. Sorta missing my seasonal life as a Kirkwoodian that allows for such a lifestyle. Keep on truckin’ or should I say vannin’! Pictures please!

  2. More regular updates ya bum! Even if it’s just uploading pictures with captains! Seems like the summer has been prime for ya so far. Let’s squeeze in some fall camping in OCT when we’re back stateside!

    • I’ll do my best. Camping is a 100% go! Your summer (or should I say winter?) is looking badass also. Jealous of you guys. Also your photography is amazing dude. Start blowin those puppies up and selling ‘em on Etsy or something.

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