Radium Hot Springs & Mountain Biking in Colorado

Summer 2017 – From our last stop in Utah, we hopped on I-70 once again and headed east to enter Colorado. We were heading to Vail, CO to visit my cousin, Jack, and his fiance, Callie. There were big plans of spending the weekend at one of their favorite hot springs on the Colorado river. Radium Hot Springs baby! Bailey and I also had some plans for downhill mountain biking since we were in Vail. Why not, right? Plus… we had our employee passes so we got a fat discount!

Radium Hot Springs camping

After a nice Friday night of beer drinking, we loaded up some of Jack’s friends and all the camping gear and headed out towards radium hot springs. These springs are cool because they are right along the edge of the Colorado River. You have to hike down a steep cliff side to get to the springs. You can also take the fun way down – jump from about 40ft into the river below, then swim to the riverside and crawl into the spring from there.

Even though it’s so secluded, it was a fairly popular spot while we were there. Maybe it was just the weekend but it seems like a place the locals definitely know about. The water is probably around 85° coming from the source, so definitely not the hottest springs we’ve ever been in. Perfectly enjoyable non the less.

Radium Hot Springs

Hiking down the steep cliff side to the riverside spring. You can barely see the pool behind the shrubs in this picture.

Colorado River

This is the jumping point. You can see the “Warning” sign posted by the BLM. You can also see the slackline setup some hippies had put together for that weekend. Lastly, a group of rafters heads off after enjoying the spring.

Radium Campsite

Here is the only picture of camp we got that weekend. It was up on the hill about 1 mile from the river and hot spring. A short hike there and back.

I will admit that we biffed it on taking pictures that weekend. You can still see the immense beauty in the few pictures we did take. We were able to find the campsite pictured above basically just using google maps to hunt around the area and view spots of land. This worked out perfect for a secluded little campsite (and free) while visiting radium hot springs.

Colorado free time

Worked perfect! We drove in quite the 4×4 dirt road and were rewarded with this spot. We slept in the van like always and everyone else hung their hammocks in the trees and slept there.

Before you know it, it was Sunday afternoon and time to head back.  Another hot spring to check off the list. One that I would definitely go back too. Radium hot springs and cliff jumping at the same time? Yes please!

Vail Mountain Biking

Monday morning we woke up and headed over to Vail mountain. We rented the best downhill bikes you could and loaded up the gondola for some laps. This was Bailey’s first time riding real downhill and she had a blast. Will someone buy both of us brand new full suspension downhill mountain bikes? We want ’em!

Bailey ripping

Bailey showing the trails who’s boss.

Bailey ripping

Here’s another of Bailey rippin’ around the corner. It really was beautiful there.

Post riding lunch @ Moe's

Post riding lunch at Moe’s BBQ. Bailey shows off her battle scars.

We rode the gondola up 3 or 4 times that day. We really did have a blast. It’s definitely something we want to do a lot more of in the future! Like I said… we gotta get in the real bike game. Eventually… Lets see, we also got some video that day. Let’s see if I can get the video from youtube to embed into the page here. Video test below. Check it.

The following day we left the Vail area and headed north towards Steamboat Springs, CO. We have another friend named Jack who just moved there with his wife after she got a job with Smartwool. Nice work Kristen! We’ll take those socks whenever you get a chance to send them… 🙂

Jack and I also did some downhill mountain biking. He’s got top of the line rigs and he knows some of the best trails around town already so the riding time was excellent. We all drove to the top of Buffalo Pass just outside of town and the ladies dropped us off with the bikes.

Ready to ride

Jack and I ready to ride. I’m a dork, I know. The riding was still epic.

Steamboat Springs Singletrack

This is the only picture I got from that day. Just imagine real tight singletrack all the way down. Wildflowers on both side. Epic stuff. We rode around 10 miles I believe from Buffalo Pass area all the way back to Jacks house in town. I only went over the handlebars and crashed into the creek one time! Seriously, WHOOPS! That left corner came up on me quick! No worries, I made a full recovery. Bailey also made a full recovery from her previously noted elbow rash.

We wrapped up our visit in Steamboat by walking down to the local burger joint and mowing down some grub. We stayed in our van in Jack’s driveway that night. The next morning we took some much needed showers, reloaded our water jugs, and WAIT….

One more thing before we left town. We visited the Old Town Hot Springs. It’s basically natural hot springs that have been highly commercialized. It’s a really nice spot where they have family swimming pools around 90° and some separate pools that are around 104°. We couldn’t pass up a nice hot soak. These hot springs were quite a bit warmer than Radium hot springs.

After that, we gassed up the van and headed out. We were off and heading north for our next adventure in South Dakota. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2017. Stay tuned!

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