Wentworth Springs and Pushing the Van to it’s Limits.

On June 30th, after a night out at the bar with my Mom, we set out on our grand adventure. The first stop was The Rubicon trail outside of Placerville to visit our friends property at Wentworth Springs for some good old fashion Independence day celebrating.  The thing about the property is it is about three or four miles in on one of the gnarliest trails I’ve been on in any vehicle, let alone our 1985 van.

Getting to Wentworth Springs

Being the go-getters that we are we thought we would get the tough stuff out of the way before setting out on a 3,000 mile trip. We met my Dad and Uncle Mike at Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and went to meet up with the rest of the crew at another property called Camp Ten up the road. They were towing in an excavator to do some work on the property and had to pick it up over there.

To start, we met up with the owners of the property who are good friends of our family, we all made our way to the Rubicon via Wentworth Springs road.

Van at Entrance to Rubicon Trail

The Van at the entrance to the Rubicon Trail.


The trail start with about 100 yards of water crossing; luckily the van is pretty tall and the water was not that deep.


My Uncle Mike’s Jeep mid water crossing.

When we first got to the trail we attempted to get the van in 4 wheel drive.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the hubs to lock. We decided to push on in 2 wheel and see what would happen. Seems like the best way to go, we thought. This usually goes one of two ways, it works out or it doesn’t. Fortunately, we made it 90% of the way in with no trouble. Unfortunately, The last 10% of the trail into Wentworth Springs is the hardest part; you end up running into a hill where the road is mainly made up of river rock and large boulders. Furthermore, after a large winter and plenty of water run off this part of the trail had been made even worse this season.

4 Wheeling on the Rubicon Trail

We brought up the rear of our pack and we were last one’s to attempt the hill. We had watched more experienced drivers and better built rigs struggle, so needless to say, we were slightly apprehensive.  Justin drove the Van and My Dad and I hopped out and played spotter.

Justin had a hard time getting the van over the first few boulders without the front axle being locked. He made it three quarters the way up without four wheel drive. Eventually we gave up and Uncle Mike pulled out the recovery strap and pulled us up the rest of the way.


The Van and my Dad as spotter trying hard to get over some huge boulders.


Uncle Mike and the crew preparing the Recovery Strap. We got pulled to the bridge seen in this picture and drove the rest of the way in ourselves. Thanks for the help Uncle Mike!

Once we made it to the bridge, we continued on to Wentworth Springs and set up camp. Everyone went back to fill in the spot where we got stuck later in the day. We rode our bikes down there, which was also some of the roughest mountain biking I probably will ever do.  We spent the rest of the afternoon fixing the road and filling holes by throwing rocks into them. My dad rolled out big boulders with the excavator. All in all, after the road work we probably could have made it up no problem in 2 wheel.

Relaxing at Wentworth Springs

We spent the rest of weekend relaxing, swimming, celebrating, and wheeling in my Uncle Mike’s jeep on the Rubicon. Unfortunately, we were having to much fun and forget to take pictures of anything else after the ride in. You’ll just have to take our word for it.

We had an awesome time at Wentworth Springs. We would definitely go back with the van (we did, read about it here) and even the jeep for some playing around. Special thanks to Nancy, Colby, Fio, Morgan, Steve, Sandy, and the rest of the gang for inviting us to come play! Come Monday morning it was time for us to make our way out to our next destination: Mammoth Mountain for 4th of July Skiing and Riding!

The van made it out pretty easy on Monday morning. We followed my dad out and said our goodbyes at the bottom of the access road. From there, we made our way to Tahoe for a quick stop and stocked up on food and also bought a bike rack for our bikes!

We stopped at Kiva beach to see the water level in Tahoe which is crazy high! The beach was almost non existent!

wentworth springs

Kiva Beach Lake Tahoe looking FULL.

In conclusion, the first leg was challenging but a great time!



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