4×4 Ford Van Flooring, Walls, and Bed

Well this is typical, it’s been almost 1 month since I last posted an update on the van. I’m gonna label the title May anyways. When you really get wrapped up in building you get kinda lazy at night and skip posting extensive updates. We have been posting little snaps here and there on our Instagram – be sure to follow us there @avantostandby. We spent the better part of the month of May building out the interior of the van and preparing it for our trip. Since our last update, we did get the radiator issue fixed. A new beefier radiator was installed along with a separate transmission cooler to eliminate the possibility of the two fluids mixing together should the radiator fail for whatever reason. That being said – the transmission and motor were also both completely flushed to ensure there was no extra tranny fluid floating around – that would not be good. So a big check – mechanical work is DONE! The van is running great all around. Now it’s time to make it livable…

bailey doing the floor

Bailey the morning of insulating and installing the flooring.

Here is how we put floors into our 1985 Ford 4×4 van. So we kind of tackled everything in sections. We started with the floors since it seemed the easiest (and because we were given some free laminate flooring, thanks Mike). We put reflectix down first with 3M adhesive spray. We used that stuff for a lot of things on this project. After the reflectix, a layer of particle board subflooring was screwed down with self driving metal screws. Finally, we installed the tongue and groove subflooring, piece by piece. A bit of liquid nail and some different heavy objects were put down on top of the flooring to ensure it was set in nice and tight. The floors came out really well. Click the below images to enlarge.


Next we headed to a friends house who was going to help us with the walls. We were able to get the walls and bed put in that day, a huge success. Harlan is somewhat of a professional woodworker with a lot of knowledge, and a killer set of tools. Awesome barn too! We spent Memorial Day building what was to be the interior base of our van. It was mostly scrap 2×4’s and plywood that was laying around the barn. We basically got away with just buying the nice wood paneling to go on the walls. A bunch of wooden runners were put up behind the wood paneling to solidify everything.  Metal brackets were used to hold the legs in place on the flooring. They were used quite a bit throughout the build in other areas later. We built the bed frame just shy of the entire width of the van because we wanted to have another storage area on one side. We have now built the prop up extension that we can put up at night time to have a full bed but fold down in the daytime to enlarge the floor area. Here are some pics of the build.

wooden walls in van

Wooden runners/braces being put in to hold the walls

drinking beer in camper van

A cold beer keeps you working on a hot day!

camper van bed

Some tools, the bed frame, walls, and Phil in the background supervising.

bed build in van

You can see the bed frame is only attached to one side of the wall.

We left that day feeling pretty stoked on everything. We had full bellies from a delicious holiday meal and the van really was beginning to come together. Next i’ll show you how we installed a new Fantastic Fan/vent in place of our old ragged vent… stay tuned!

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