“The Van” Strikes Again


Well, well…. where to even start. I’m a week late and then some on updating the status of the van. This could be a lengthy one. Let’s dig in. So we were finally able to pick the van up from our mechanic in the last week of April. We won’t talk dollar amounts so I can keep my sanity, but know it was quite a bit. We had a lot of items serviced on it. The following is a rundown of all the work that was done so you all know what was done as well as a record for us. Full tune up, replaced spark plugs, cap and rotor, air filter, all belts and hoses. Tightened loose steering. Installed new Interstate battery. Reset ignition timing for smoother drivability. Rear Dana 50 axle serviced and filled with fresh gear oil. Filled transfer case and transmission oil. Fresh oil change with oil and new oil filter. New thermostat and seal. New transmission filter. New duralast gold starter. New temperature sending unit so the temperature gaugeĀ on the dash now works. A lot of “new”, right? Once we got the temp gauge on the dash working we noticed that it was running slightly hot, so we also put in a new Spectra premium radiator. Let’s take a break from words for a photo.

4x4 van in mechanic's parking lot

Here’s the 4×4 van in the mechanic’s parking lot

So now you know everything that was taken care of on the van. Directly after we picked it up, we headed down the road to Tires Plus for a brand spankin’ new pair of 315/75r16’s. While we were there, we also had new pads and rotors put on the front. So new brakes too! Add another thing to the “new” list… and add another dollar sign.

New 35 inch tires on the 4x4 van

New shoes on the whip

OK – current day: It’s now May 8th. Big shout out to Bailey’s folks for letting us park the van in the street in front of their house and doing all sorts of crap to it and also for letting us sleep in their house until we get this build wrapped up. We are optimistic that the entire thing will be done, road ready, and living ready by the end of May. Cross your fingers for us.

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