Whats New With The Van?

WooHooooo! We pick up the van from the shop on Thursday. Here is the part where I list everything I can think of that we’ve done to the van or our mechanic has done to the van since we purchased it up earlier this year. To start – “The Van” is a 1985 Ford E350 Econoline Van with a 4×4 conversion. 460 7.5l carbureted engine with only 132,000 miles. A gas hog that is just getting warmed up!


Here it is after a few feet of snow in February!

We believe it was some kind of Charter Communications van from back in the day that they would use to drive up in the hills on the California coast to checks lines and whatnot. Pretty rad but who knows for sure really. Below is a bullet point list of things that have been fixed, upgraded, or serviced. I’m sure I won’t be able to remember everything.

  • Oil Change, Oil Filter
  • Air Filter, Fuel Filter
  • All belts have been replaced
  • Temperature Sending Unit replaced
  • New Radiator to help keep things cool
  • New Starter to ensure no problems while traveling
  • Rear differential serviced with new gear oil and gasket
  • New spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor
  • Carburetor has been adjusted and tuned for elevation driving

Like I said, I’m pretty sure there was a lot more done than this. When we pick it up Thursday if I have some free time I’ll come back and edit this to include everything that was billed to us – which was a lot! LOL.

Now…. After we pick the van up from the mechanic this coming Thursday, we drive it directly across the street to the Tires Plus and get a brand spankin’ new pair of BFG All Terrain KO2s. 35×12.50r16 – monster tires! A few inches taller than the tires on my jeep even.

The next update will include beautiful pictures of the new and improved rig, inside and out. We will begin to gut out whatever is left of the interior from the previous owner in preparation for our mobile living build out… we got big plans and ideas.

I’ll keep ya updated! Check back in a few days to see the pictures.

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