Security Working Hard (as always)

This is our very first post. Maybe you can tell by the sarcastic post title and silly photo of our favorite security guard. We will write whatever cool stuff we want here so check back often to keep up with us, or don’t, the choice is yours. My principal in 5th grade always said that over the intercom in the morning after he was done with the announcements. When I said ‘we’ and ‘our’ – that is myself (Justin) and Bailey. Anyways, I’m gonna rambling. We may stay in Kirkwood a bit longer after closing to continue working on the Van and prepping for our upcoming summer 2017 road trip. It’s gonna be the maiden voyage for Ol’ Bertha! Actually we haven’t named it yet, I just kinda typed that in… hmmm… maybe it will stick? It is a big as van… Let’s try this layout and and see if I like it. Next up – a photo of the van!

PS. “The Van” is currently is the shop getting lots of tune up items done. SWEEEEEET!

Edit – I found out how to work the photo feature. This is getting fun. Oh yeah – Bailey got a badass new camera so there shouldn’t be a shortage of cool photos here.

More shenanigans to come…

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